Empty Girl (purple_clouds) wrote in nightmare_soup,
Empty Girl

so deranged

Xx Application xX

Xx NAME - Sarah (aka trinket or skittles)
Xx Age - 16
Xx Fav drink- "sobe nirvana"
Xx Fav horror Movie- strangeland
Xx fav Movie- sleepy hollow
Xx Fav Actor- J.Depp
Xx Fav Cartoon (old/new)- tom and jerry (OH THE VIOLENCE!!) - teen titans
Xx fav color hair dye- "ntense red by 'n rage
Xx Best feature- hair color and the eyes
Xx how high are ur boots- knee high
Xx Eyeliner? Y/N- oh hell yes!!
Xx Smoke(d) Pot- nope!
Xx fav cartoon character- raven from teen titans
Xx FAVORITE color- red violet
Xx if u were the diff sex for a day...whats the first thing u would do?- look in the mirror to see if i was a freak :)
Xx do they actually fry cats up in china?- yes they do, :|
Xx if u swallow a burp does it turn into a fart?- nope, it turns to a painful hiccup
Xx Fav music genre- any, as long as i can go crazy whilst listening to is
Xx Wuts the worst nightmare u had?- i saw myself die and no one remembered me
Xx fave song- social slut but starlit
Xx fave band/singer- right now, starlit
Xx if heat rises...wouldnt hell be cold?- yes, it should be, so hell is already frozen over, YES!!
Xx Are u ok with Gay marriages?- yes yes
Xx why do u want to join?- one more person agains radcore becasue they are assmunches
Xx you're stranded on an island and there are killer monkies on the other side of it. what do you do?- go on a killer monkey murder spree
Xx favorite monster- Boquese (long story)
Xx biggest fear- that my nightmares catch up to me
Xx how hardcore are you?- so hardcore it hurts (hah)
Xx anything else you would like to add that could possibly be of interest-
moose fly in heards to the sea to eat purple people eaters, they do, ive seen it

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YAY, ur the pretty girl with the pretty hair, i saw u in the hair_dye thing community idk, anywho, TEEN TITANS kick ass i like raven too if i had to pick one of them, and yes radxcore are assmunchers WOOT, and johnny depp is sexy ;)

cause i say so
Gosh, you do have pretty hair!

And I'm all about some Johnny Depp.

yes __radxcore should die

and you are uber awesome it's insane

yesssssssss. you seem awesome... and your hair is red. hiccups in general are painful. and __radxcore is the antichrist. :) tehehe.
&& you are very pretty. :)
Yes, you're pretty and cool.
i want to say no really bad bc everybody else said yes...but but hskajghlfkhkdg barg yeah you win you hurt my brain....

Chris shut up ^^

And Welcome to Nightmare_soup