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so deranged...

Xx NAME - fiona
Xx Age - 18
Xx Fav drink - water...
Xx Fav horror Movie - haha, poltergeist!
Xx fav Movie - american history x
Xx Fav Actor - johnny depp
Xx Fav Cartoon (old/new) - family guy and south park
Xx fav color hair dye - crimson
Xx Best feature - eyes
Xx how high are ur boots - fuck boots!
Xx Eyeliner? Y/N - but of course
Xx Smoke(d) Pot - smoked, yes. smoke, no.
Xx fav cartoon character - shake from aqua teen hunger force.
Xx FAVORITE color - blood, and shades of grey
Xx if u were the diff sex for a day...whats the first thing u would do? - put my finger in my ass to see if it felt as good as it supposedly does...
Xx do they actually fry cats up in china? - why the fuck not? bad kitty go to the fryer!
Xx if u swallow a burp does it turn into a fart? - hmm...never thought of it like that...i always considered it "saving it for later"
Xx Fav music genre - metal
Xx Wuts the worst nightmare u had? - this is really retarded, but even the thought still scares the shit out of me: i was in the sunroom of my house, and i heard this donkey braying, so i looked out the window and there's this donkey walking down the path. i guess it sensed my presence, because it turned around and it had no eyes...i ran upstairs to my room and the donkey was just sitting at the end of the halway, looking at me with those black eye sockets...*shudders* now i want to cry...
Xx fave song - the hollow by a perfect circle.
Xx fave band/singer - type o negative
Xx if heat rises...wouldnt hell be cold? - how do you figure that? i bet hell stays at a nice 3679 degrees all year round.
Xx Are u ok with Gay marriages? - absolutely, i support them.
Xx why do u want to join? - it's not me...it's YOU...you want me here...
Xx you're stranded on an island and there are killer monkies on the other side of it. what do you do? -
Xx favorite monster - this one:

Xx biggest fear - ghosts...
Xx how hardcore are you? - like two guys fucking the shit out of a goat.
Xx anything else you would like to add that could possibly be of interest - i pierced my own tongue. twice.

the pictures:

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