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So Deranged

Xx Application xX

Xx NAME - Caralyn
Xx Age - 14
Xx Fav drink- Pepsi and Turners Ice Tea
Xx Fav horror Movie- House Of 1000 Corpses
Xx fav Movie- Donnie Darko
Xx Fav Actor- Jake Gyllenhaal
Xx Fav Cartoon (old/new)- Family Guy
Xx fav color hair dye- Black
Xx Best feature- Eyes
Xx how high are ur boots- Knee-High
Xx Eyeliner? Y/N- Yes
Xx Smoke(d) Pot- No
Xx fav cartoon character- Stewie Griffen
Xx FAVORITE color- Blue,Pink,White,Blue
Xx if u were the diff sex for a day...whats the first thing u would do?- Probably jack off..
Xx do they actually fry cats up in china?- Yes
Xx if u swallow a burp does it turn into a fart?- I wouldnt know..?
Xx Fav music genre- Ska/Punk/Rock/Hardcore/Screamo/Emo/PunkRock/Heavy Metal
Xx Wuts the worst nightmare u had?- When some sorta clown in a little car-you know those cars they can fit like 500 clowns in?-was chasing me down. and then he stopped...and about 100 clowns piled out of the car and chased me down with a knife. for that i can never go to the circus or be near clowns. end of story.
Xx fave song- Funeral For A Friend - Kiss & Make Up
Xx fave band/singer- Taking Back Sunday,At The Drive In,AFI,Punchline,Fall Out Boy,Brand New,Underoath,Story Of The Year,Coheed & Cambria,Atreyu,Billy Talent,Bad Religion,Unwritten Law,Descendents,Senses Fail,Boys Night Out,Blindside,Bright Eyes,Funeral For A Friend,Hawthorne Heights,Poison The Well,Q And Not U,Motion City Soundtrack,The Matches,Finch,My Chemical Romance,Green Day,The Starting Line,etc.
Xx if heat rises...wouldnt hell be cold?- Sure
Xx Are u ok with Gay marriages?- Yeah. just fucking get over it and deal with it. if you dont like it then just dont take any notice in them. easy as that. problem solved. i of course have no problem with it.
Xx why do u want to join?- Because i liked this community. it looks pretty rad. and i joined __radxcore when i had my old username. and well i liked it but yours seems...hm...you guys terrorize them more. meaning you want to win the fucking war! werd.
Xx you're stranded on an island and there are killer monkies on the other side of it. what do you do?- Kill the monkeys and eat them for food..
Xx favorite monster- The Grinch..hes the definition of sexy.
Xx biggest fear- Dying
Xx how hardcore are you?- Very hardcore. its scary yo. <3.
Xx anything else you would like to add that could possibly be of interest- You need to win this war. and in order to do that you should let me join. because i can help kick their ass--sorry __radxcore you need to be more agressive--but of course if you dont want me here. then fine. no need to for me to throw a fit.



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tis not very original ur ap, but did u get kicked out or did u leave __radxcore.... need to know S.A.P, but i do like donnie darko, and jake, but when u said u like ska and punk, u didn't name any bands that are truly punk and ska, mind naming some for me that u like?
answer the 2 questions i asked, and i'll then decide wether to say yes or no........ thank you!!!!
emo sucks and im not sure yet im still thinking
no i left because i deleted that journal. NOFX,A Few Good Words,The F Ups,Pennywise,Operation Ivy for the punk question. One Way Ticket & Chad Fell Down for the ska question.
Firstly: WE ARE NOT RAD!!!!!. Secondly: I am a bitch, get used to it. Thirdly: your app is so un-original that it reeks. Fourthly: HATED YOUR *how hardcore are you answer. Fithly: NO!!!! You're not ugly but you lack spunk, creativity, and originality. Maybe you can find some other community to be your sloppy thirds.
she is right she is the queen of bitchs but she was born that way its not her fault
oh kaylynn, so harsh i love it, but the only REAL punk song is pennywise the other ones are crap, u need to lissen to the good stuff kid, like the sex pistols, rancid, the clash, the good old shit.... But kid, u have great balls, to come into this journal after leaving radxcore, because u should have known that we were gonna be hard on u cause u were there first, mhmm but i'm still undecided, but i feel happy today, thats why im not mean, u came at a good time, well just not for kaylynn but ya lol, undecided, im 50.9% leaning towards yes, and 50.1% leaning toawards no.....

OH GOD philip ur so funny LMAO
but i still love you kaylynn <3 lol
heh not original at all..... but i like your bands, i'm also in a good mood b/c i got my hands on the new gc song, word

yea i dare someone to say something psh

anyway idc so yes i guess
Gooooood Charlotte (or how ever u spell that bullshit) SUXS ASSSSSSSSSS

BOOOO GC sucks, they all bum fuck each other back stage, loooozers, crap faces, they suck, POP-PUNK SUCKS, better yet they shouldn't even use the word PUNK in there, BLAH CUNT REJECTING anal probing lovers, thats wut they are BLAH
i agree...
dont bite me.
i dont know. youre not very exciting.
if we were "rad" we would be radxcore. and we are not.

......................................yeah that'd be a no.
i say no because your application was borin sorry
no, because i can.
Can someone reject her already. Damn!
i say yes, altho it doesn't matter :(, and i don't feel like being mean today, sorry guys!!!!

we don't like you >:P LEAVE-------------->
thats harsh but funny
Let that be an example to all you suckaz that we don't just let any douche in here. You have to be Summer's Eve brand or smell like cherries!
that is so very very wrong.... yet so right.