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application like w0a.

Xx NAME - ameh/amy
Xx Age - 15
Xx Fav drink- pina colada
Xx Fav horror Movie- the freddy series
Xx fav Movie- slc punk
Xx Fav Actor- chris farley
Xx Fav Cartoon (old/new)- aqua teen hunger force!<3 pretty much anything on adult swim
Xx fav color hair dye- navy blue&black
Xx Best feature- my eyes
Xx how high are ur boots- knee high
Xx Eyeliner? Y/N- fuck yeah
Xx Smoke(d) Pot- no
Xx fav cartoon character- meatwad<3ATHF
Xx FAVORITE color- pink&black
Xx if u were the diff sex for a day...whats the first thing u would do?- kick someone's ass.. then I'd probably jackoff.
Xx do they actually fry cats up in china?- yes :(
Xx if u swallow a burp does it turn into a fart?- nope. but that would be cool.
Xx Fav music genre- "emo/screamo/hxc" anything I can mosh/scream my ass off to
Xx Wuts the worst nightmare u had?- I dreamt I was dreaming [those are the worst!] and chuckie was chasing me, and I told my mom and she didn't believe me, so more chuckies came  out of my closet and they killed me.
Xx fave song- hmm. bleeding mascara-atreyu
Xx fave band/singer- as of now, from autumn to ashes
Xx if heat rises...wouldnt hell be cold?- sure.
Xx Are u ok with Gay marriages?- Yeah. if you want to be gay.. go for it! it doesn't bother me. it has nothing to do with me.
Xx why do u want to join?- I need friends and RADXCORE SUCKS ASS! FALL ON A KNIFE.
Xx you're stranded on an island and there are killer monkies on the other side of it. what do you do?- laugh.
Xx favorite monster- boogy man
Xx biggest fear- heights
Xx how hardcore are you?- so hardcore its disgusting.
Xx anything else you would like to add that could possibly be of interest- Grass is green. yeah dude I couldn't believe it either!



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